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CM Loves Shopping


For all things plant check out my Etsy shop. I own a private collection of over 200 plants that I sell cuttings from (occasionally I will sell whole plants too)! You will notice my shop is pretty bare right now, it fluctuates seasonally and will be back to its full glory in the spring! My plants are carefully cared for and proactively treated for pest prevention on a regular schedule to ensure they stay in perfect health. I sell plants because I love them and I think they are an excellent and healthy source of joy - for that reason, I do my best to keep prices low and keep profit minimal. Instead, most of my profit is reinvested into my business or into my classroom! All plants come with custom care instructions and ID labels as well. I also sell plant related accessories and crafts! Check out my store by clicking the button below.

*If you are interested in shopping my plant collection and are local please please please email me so you don't waste money on shipping*

Also, students, if you're here, stay out of my shop you nosy Nellies – but really, if you want a cutting I will always give you one:).

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