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About Break the Sci-lence

Welcome to my blog, Break the Sci-lence, where I take disciplines or ideas that are typically discussed exclusively in inaccessible, sometimes lengthy or difficult to understand journal articles or textbooks. This is part of a scientific literacy movement that has been becoming more active in the STEM community since I started my secondary studies (and probably even before!). I feel access for all is invaluable, which is why I'm here right now.

This material is appropriate for readers of all backgrounds, ages, and disciplines. Of course, you may encounter some words or phrases you're not familiar with, I've taken the liberty of underlining what I consider to be more advanced concepts, and will hyperlink additional information in some cases.

I am starting this blog for my students, past, present, and future so that they may have access to topics generally not covered by core curriculum in school. I hope it will also be useful for adults, and families who are interested in learning about science, but aren't sure where to start. Additionally, I’d love feedback from my peers or to feature other scientists/STEM students’ writing.

If you ever have a question about something in a post, or have conflicting/updated information or sources, please contact me, I am always open to feedback, or requests!


Break the Sci-lence is the title of the blog portion of the CM Loves Science umbrella. Much of said umbrella is still under development, as you can likely tell. All views I discuss on my blog are my own. To learn more about me, or to view my social media profiles (@cmlovesscience) just click around my site! I am happy you're here :).

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