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Claim-Evidence-Reasoning in Science

Use this graphic tool to help integrate CER into your curriculum or to teach students how to use CER to convey a point!

Although C-E-R (Claim-Evidence-Reasoning) seems extremely formulaic (& kinda boring) at first, it’s actually an excellent tool to encourage creativity and mature communication in students! It helps students view findings, beliefs, and opinions as spectrums instead of yes/no or black/white - which can help to foster a sense of community even in those who disagree. We did a huge C-E-R project on creation and Evolution this year and my students did so well with it. Even though most of them hadn’t been exposed to evolution in the classroom before, their ability to analyze information critically and form new, unique schools of thought blew me away!

Graphic not high res enough, find a pdf linked below!

Download PDF • 402KB

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