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List of Fun Resources for Students at Home

I have an Inequality Series post coming out on Friday and a new zoo related post coming Monday, but in the mean time I wanted to share some resources that families and students might find helpful to learn and explore while they’re stuck at home.


  • Planet Earth (I, II, III)

  • Blue Planet

  • Life

  • Our Planet

  • Shark Week reruns

  • NOVA

  • Cosmos

  • How It’s Made


  • Dancing with the Birds

  • Chasing Coral

  • The Ivory Game

  • GATTACA (good for older kids)

  • Jurassic Park (then do this worksheet []!)

  • Particle Fever

  • The Creative Brain


  • PBS Eons

  • Curiosity Stream

  • PBS It’s Okay to Be Smart

  • Real Engineering

  • Because Science

  • Kurzgesagt

  • Gross Science

  • CPG Gray

  • SciShow

  • TED-Ed

  • Scientific American

  • Brain Craft


  • Transistor

  • The Show About Science

  • Tumble

  • Brains On!

  • Ologies

  • StarTalk

  • Science Friday

  • Nature Podcast

  • 60 Second Science

I hope you all will enjoy this content as much as I do! Have a good night and stay safe!

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