Teaching & Creating Concept Maps

I developed this set of graphics after my AP students were struggling to grasp concept mapping - I decided to make it free to the public because I think concept mapping is such a useful tool!

Concept mapping is one of the best habits I got into at university. At first, I hated it, my logical brain found it frustrating and my organizational brain was panicking every time I had to erase. I started concept mapping as a way to digest complicated scientific journal articles in undergrad and eventually realized that it had uses that stretched far beyond the context I'd learned it in. By the end of my college career, I was concept mapping everything! It was rare I'd make a meaningful decision without drawing it out. Even to this day I regularly concept map before I lesson plan so that I know what I want to teach and how I want to connect it back to the central topics of that unit (or of the entire course). Teaching high schoolers to concept map is something that I feel strongly about – not only is it an invaluable critical thinking skill, but it pushes them out of their comfort zone in a safe and (I think) fun way.

Are the images not high res enough? Check out the PDF doc linked below!

Concept Maps
Download PDF • 1.24MB