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Where Have I Been & Where Am I Goin’?

Great question! I’ve been gone for a while but I am back now and so excited for what I have coming for this blog!

Update on My Life

I just FINISHED my masters program, and I’m so excited! Though I won’t have a graduation ceremony, I’m going to celebrate with my family via zoom and with my Louisiana family in person. I turned in two theses last week, which is why I have been awful about posting, but I’m getting back into the swing of things now as I have a ton more free time! Next month I’ll be moving with my dog to a brand new apartment in a brand new (ish) city - Baton Rouge. I’m very familiar with the area, but I’m looking forward to getting more in tune with what goes on there, but I will miss New Orleans so much. Luckily, I still have friends in New Orleans who can count on me couch surfin’ some weekends! I am moving to Baton Rouge to start my very first teaching job - I will be teaching upper school Biology at *drum roll please* the Dunham School (#2 private school in the BR area, woohoo), I can’t wait to be a Tiger!

Update on My Blog

I haven’t forgotten about my Inequality Series! I am posting part 3 of 4 tomorrow and part 4 on Tuesday (EDIT: I've brought on a special guest to help with part 4, so expect something awesome but not on Tuesday)! Then, I’m going to transition into some blog/vlog work with my Enter the Unusual Vlog series - I’ve decided to keep my sources in that preexisting post, but to also create a blog post to with each video for those who aren’t on Instagram (since I vlog on IGTV). I have a few other ideas bouncing around, but I’m also looking for suggestions of what y’all would want to read about, please leave me a comment on social media or drop me an email.

Also - I’ve been getting some awesome questions in my contact box on Wix, please keep those coming, I’m happy to explain anything I posted about or anything biology/ecology/evolution related in general! I love talking to y’all (especially since I’m socially starved during quarantine, lol) and I’d love to keep expanding people’s understanding of these sometimes tough topics.

Anyway, I hope you’re all staying safe, healthy, and curious! I’m back on track to #makescienceaccessibleagain!!!!!!

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