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If you are looking for a tutor in the Lake Charles area - send me an email!

My rates are extremely competitive, starting* at $50/hr for a one-on-one session. Price per person decreases for lengthier appointments and for group sessions, I can accommodate up to 5 students, but strongly recommend groups smaller than 3. 

You can view my résumé on my About Me page to get an idea of my qualifications, and I have a reference list at the ready upon request. I am happy to do a free consultation with you and your student to see if we are a good match!

Please note I cannot tutor Saint Louis Catholic High School Students, I am happy to offer your child content assistance during school hours or through school email! 

The following are the subjects in which I tutor:

  • Biology*

  • AP Biology*

  • IB Biology*

  • Undergrad Biology (most courses, 1000-4000 level)

  • Environmental Science*

  • AP Environment Science*

  • Undergrad Environmental Science (most courses, 1000-4000 level)

  • Ecology

  • Undergrad Ecology (intro-level courses, 1000 level)

  • Life sciences*

  • Health*

  • Anatomy

  • Middle school general science*

  • Earth science

  • Scientific writing

* indicates $50/hr starting rate; all others begin between $60-70/hr

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